Review for Frontier Airlines

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Thursday, January 30, 2014 Review by Chad
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On January 30, 2014
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Marathon Gas Station – click here to listen to my review of Frontier Airlines


Hi this is a review for Frontier. Airlines likely Frontier airlines from Chicago to Denver to Portland … I would give Frontier airlines one out of five stars because once things were doing a flight out there was great … there was a really you know any problems but when things did not go as planned … They were inconsiderate and cost me … a lot more time and money and they initially promised. My flight was delayed. They had incompetent people working behind the desk … socially and they were able to help you they gave you phone number where you could not reach help … I waited two and half hours in a line in Denver to get a rebooking … They did not offer refund stay the night for hotel now chairs for my flight delayed which was delayed because of weather … so I was up to need to get myself in a hotel. I I was told me that complete twenty four hours to my destination … It was it was really a disaster and the only thing Frontier did because of the delay for the people of have something all of our the water that was that was really really disappointed in their customers Serva … and the lack of consideration for the people that they were putting under an extreme inconvenience.

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